What’s the Right Toothpaste for Kids with Baby Teeth?

What’s the Right Toothpaste for Kids with Baby Teeth? Life is full of mysteries. Such as, why are there so many kinds of toothpaste? Having a variety is good – but sifting through the multitude of children’s toothpaste (on Amazon there are over 4,000 listings) is downright confusing. There are a couple key traits that you’ll want to look for when purchasing toothpaste for your child. We’ll break it down for you! Make sure it contains fluoride In the past, it was recommended that children younger than 3 years old use toothpaste that didn’t contain fluoride – i.e. “training” toothpaste. This was to prevent accidental swallowing of too much fluoride which could cause fluorosis or stomach upset.

What You Need To Know about Crossbites

What You Need To Know about Crossbites Typically, when a parent brings a young child to the dentist, the last discussion they’re expecting to have is one centered on braces and orthodontic appliances. Yet, even at ages three and four, a talk about braces, sagittal expanders, and retainers can indeed be front and center when a child is diagnosed with a crossbite. The question then is what to do about it, how soon should intervention take place, and what the complications are that can arise if nothing is done at all. Let’s get some answers. What Exactly Is a Crossbite? Imagine for a moment, you’re sitting in front of a nice soup bowl with a wide flat brim, and inside that bowl is hearty chowd

What in the World Is a "Baby Root Canal"?

What in the World Is a "Baby Root Canal"? Within each tooth there exists what is known as the “pulpal chamber” which houses the tooth’s nerve center. This nerve center is called the “pulp,” and it contains the blood vessels, connective tissue, and reparative cells that keep the tooth “vital,” (or, alive). When a child experiences tooth trauma or decay so severe it threatens the integrity of the tooth, a therapeutic pulpotomy (or, baby root canal) is often recommend to save the tooth. Why Is It Called a Baby Root Canal? The use of the term “baby root canal” is actually a bit misleading because with a therapeutic pulpotomy, the removal of pulp stops just before the tooth’s root structures begi

What’s Coming in When?

What’s Coming in When? A Tooth Eruption Guide. While the arrival of your little one’s teeth might seem like a scattered and chaotic experience with very little in the way of predictable outcomes, there is a method to the madness! So, let’s find out which teeth come in when with this handy-dandy tooth eruption guide -- courtesy of the American Dental Association. With both the primary and permanent teeth eruption guides below, our journey through the mouth begins with our “front teeth” (the central incisors), and move backward from there. By the way, “eruption” is just a fancy way of talking about when your children’s teeth come in. Upper Primary Teeth Central incisor: Erupts between 8-12

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