Different Techniques for Flossing

Different Techniques for Flossing When it comes to dental floss, what’s the best kind? Well, if you ask a dentist, they’ll tell you the best dental floss is the floss you’ll actually use. That could be Teflon floss, dental tape, nylon floss, waxed floss, and flosses with or without flavors – there are a lot of choices! There are also a number of ways to get your flossing done that don’t have you wrapping a long string of floss across your fingers and deftly maneuvering your hands in such an enclosed space. Enter the oral irrigator, the vibrating flosser, and the dental pick! Which might be best for your kids? Dental Pick: If you’re prone to ignore flossing, you may want to consider a good ol

When to Start Cleaning Your Baby’s Teeth

When to Start Cleaning Your Baby’s Teeth Parenthood: a season of routines that constantly change. Did you just get used to the newborn stage? Now it’s over. Did you just get through one set of teething teeth? Rest up; the next cranky, sleepless teething stage is coming soon. And just when you have your bedtime routine set for your 6-month-old, now you have to add a dental routine to the mix?? Let’s break it down… The American Dental Association recommends you begin a brushing routine as soon as a baby’s first tooth (or set of teeth) has erupted. There are two reasons to begin a dental routine this early: Prevent tooth decay. Once those cute little teeth have arrived, they can begin to decay

Are Pacifiers Bad for Baby’s Teeth?

Are Pacifiers Bad for Baby’s Teeth? Call it what you will – “pacifier,” “paci,” “binky,” “moopy,” “nuk,” “fuh-fuh” – this amazing little invention has held parents’ sanity in place for generations. Babies are born with several reflexes that help them survive and one of them is sucking. This makes sense! They need to learn how to guzzle down mama’s milk (or formula) since they’re no longer connected to a continual stream of nourishment. Today we’ve got tons of adorable little pacifier models – some that even make baby look like he has a mustache or a full set of teeth! But the concept is nothing new. Way back in the day, they used bone, coral, and twisted rags dipped in honey to give to baby

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