Fun Facts About Animal Teeth!

Fun Facts About Animal Teeth! Share these fun facts about animal teeth with your little ones to get them more excited about their own oral health! Can you imagine having 20,000 teeth? What if you had to help your kiddo through that much teething? Imagine all the heavy lifting the poor tooth fairy would have to do! And how much you'd have to spend on toothpaste! Lucky for us, we humans only have 32 teeth. But there’s an animal out there that has many, many more. Can you guess which one? Read on to find out! 10 Fun Facts about Animal Teeth 1. There are species of snails that can have upwards of 20,000 teeth! They use their teeth to scrape or cut food. No utensils needed! 2. An elephant’s tusks

A Wish, a Gift, and a Goal

A Wish, a Gift, and a Goal The season of giving is upon us. And no matter your religious, philosophical or political leanings, one thing is clear this time of year: people throughout the land look for opportunities to help both others and themselves wrap up the year on the right foot. With that in mind, we thought we'd suggest three simple, dental-oriented ideas that can help you start the promise of the year a bit early, and in good stead. The Wish There’s no better wish to ask for, regardless of the season, than good health. With that in mind, be sure you are maintaining a healthy diet and are regularly seeing your dentist. The Gift You may be aware of charity organizations that a

Do Oral Health Problems Affect Kids the Same as Adults?

Do Oral Health Problems Affect Kids the Same as Adults? Kids are resilient, right? And if they have an issue with a baby tooth — then it really doesn’t matter since it will fall out anyway, right? Well, there’s a lot to think about here. A cavity is a cavity no matter whose tooth it’s in, and the consequences of untreated tooth decay are always the same — further decay, pain, infection of the teeth and gums, and tooth loss. This goes for young and old teeth alike. But there are ways that oral health problems affect children differently than adults. For starters, your child’s dentist may make different recommendations based on age. Because children’s jaws are still developing, they may requir

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