5 Teeth-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Halloween​

5 Teeth-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Halloween​ Fill those candy bags, October is here! The month where dressing up and eating gobs of candy is not only allowed but encouraged. Now, that's a good deal for a kid. But what if you're a parent? Everyone knows healthy snacks are the way to go every other day of the year that is not Halloween, so how do you give in a bit and let your children enjoy the festivities while keeping these healthy habits top of mind? Here are five teeth-friendly habits that'll ensure you're still communicating the right message. 1. Divvy it up: One solution is to partition out a child's candy so it’s seen as a month-long treat instead of something to gorge on over the course

Probiotics and Your Child's Teeth

Probiotics and Your Child's Teeth The body’s ability to protect itself from harm is an incredible thing. And, just as blood goes through a clotting process to foil unfettered bleeding without us asking for its assistance, probiotics help to keep bad bacteria at bay without us even knowing they’re hard at work! The cool thing is, we can feed these bacteria what they want to help them do their job. How is that possible? With a little supplementation, of course! What is a Probiotic? A probiotic is one of many types of microorganisms that inhabit our body and act in cohort with other “good bacteria” to keep bad bacteria from multiplying to levels that compromise our health. How Do Probiotics Wor

Your Diet and Cavities

Are You On a Diet and Getting More Cavities? Here’s Why Too much of “this,” not enough of “that.” Sounds like the diagnosis of a less than stellar nutritional plan, doesn’t it? It’s also the diagnosis you might get from your dentist and doctor if your diet begins to wreak havoc with your teeth. If you follow a restrictive diet of any sort – for example, if you consider yourself vegan, or are a strict follower of Atkins or Paleo, you’re going to be lacking certain nutrients your teeth need to remain healthy. We’ll take a look at why this happens … There are two main reasons why strict adherents to restrictive diets end up with oral health concerns. First is the lack of re-mineralization tha

Ease your kids into Fall

3 Tips to Help Your Kids Ease into Fall Summer is over and your children are already back to the daily grind of school. As for so many of us parents, this is both a relief and a challenge. So, for our favorite parents across this great land, here are a few dentistry related tips that will help you and your young ones transition nicely from “play all day” to “work all day!” 1. Start setting the alarm: Most likely, your alarm clock rings at the same time each day, no matter the season. For your children, though, it may not have chimed at all this summer – or, maybe it did, but couldn't be heard because it was buried under a pile of clothes! It's also a great time to rebuild brushing habits th

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