How to Introduce a Family Tech-Free Day

How to Introduce a Family Tech-Free Day You’re busy. Your kids are busy. Everyone is busy. Too busy. But are we, really? Or, are we just occupying ourselves so frequently with unimportant things we have no time for what is truly important? Advances in technology bring wonder and efficiency to our world, but they also breed attachment. Carving out time to free ourselves from our phones, TVs, game consoles and other tech darlings can, believe it or not, help us regain a portion of our life back, and tech pioneers themselves are helping to lead the charge -- separation anxiety not required. The first rule to organizing a tech-free day is … Everybody participates! Mom, Dad, Ju

What in the World Is a "Baby Root Canal"?

What in the World Is a "Baby Root Canal"? Within each tooth there exists what is known as the “pulpal chamber” which houses the tooth’s nerve center. This nerve center is called the “pulp,” and it contains the blood vessels, connective tissue, and reparative cells that keep the tooth “vital,” (or, alive). When a child experiences tooth trauma or decay so severe it threatens the integrity of the tooth, a therapeutic pulpotomy (or, baby root canal) is often recommend to save the tooth. Why Is It Called a Baby Root Canal? The use of the term “baby root canal” is actually a bit misleading because with a therapeutic pulpotomy, the removal of pulp stops just before the tooth’s root structures begi

How to Prevent Child Tooth Decay

How to Prevent Child Tooth Decay There’s more to preventing tooth decay than just hiding the candy bowl. And it’s important to remember that even though baby teeth will fall out someday, protecting them is very important! Below is a list of the best things you can do to ensure that your child’s dentist proclaims “no cavities!” at their next visit. Get enough fluoride! It’s a fact: fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. The best way for your child to get enough fluoride is through drinking fluoridated water. If you use well water or bottled, ask us about using a fluoride supplement. And using a fluoride toothpaste for all ages is always a must. We also highly recommend a topical flu

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