Sniffle Free

Keep Your Littles Sniffle-free This Fall Leaves, pumpkins, costumes and the sniffles – fall is here and with it, a greater exposure to germs. So, we’ve got a few tips that’ll help the whole family reduce its chances of exposure to the nasty critters that make us sick. Ghosts and ghouls are okay in October, but the flu? No way! Let’s get to it. Wash those hands!: Does this really need to be on the list? Washing one's hands (that means you too, Mom and Dad), is critical to avoiding germs of all sorts, all year long. If soap and water isn’t nearby, keep bottled sanitizer in the places you live that aren’t near a sink: your car, your purse, your gym bag. Use them when appropriate. There’s a reas

How to Wean

How to Wean Your Kids Off Sugary Snacks You know the struggle. Your little guy is asking for pudding, but you’ve been meaning to lower his sugar intake. Or, you’re concerned about your middle schooler’s food habits, but aren’t sure how to communicate that message without traumatizing her. What to do? We have a few tips you might appreciate. Weaning your kids off sugary snacks, (or keeping them at arm’s length in the first place), isn’t easy. We’ll serve up a few websites that’ll help you carve up nutritious snacks your kids will love (that will also appease their sweet tooth!), and hook you up with some great resources to help you maintain the positive food and body-image mood you want for y

Tooth Friendly Treats

Tooth Friendly Treats For Your Candy Bowl Ever wonder what your dentist hands out on Halloween? Chances are they dive right into the candy fun! There’s no reason to bring trick-or-treaters a bowl of toothbrushes and a side of tears on their favorite holiday. However, not all candy is created equal. This year, why not try some teeth-friendly options to hand out. All are dentist-approved (but still fun!) and we’ve got great options for you! First, let’s talk about the Halloween treats that tend to be worse for little ones’ (and your) teeth. Halloween Treats That’ll Drive your Dentist Batty: Lollipops – A lolly pressed against your teeth for all that time is a recipe for cavities. Bubble gum –

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