Energy Drinks and Your Child’s Teeth. Should You Worry?

Energy Drinks and Your Child’s Teeth. Should You Worry? The hard clack of cleats echo about as your “little” sports hero rushes to get out of the house … soon to be late for practice. Armed with all they’ll need for a day in the sun, their equipment bag is packed and slung awkwardly over one shoulder, bursting at the seams with untold numbers of pads and dirty gear. And after making a final beeline through the kitchen to raid your refrigerator of a 64oz bottle or two of rainbow-colored sustenance, they’re off for what will no doubt be another grueling practice session. You’re proud of your kids – they’re growing up. And yet you wonder as you stare at the door that just shut behind them. Are

Teach Me How to Brushy: 6 Toddler Training Tips

Teach Me How to Brushy: 6 Toddler Training Tips Getting kids to brush their teeth is one of those initial standoffs you're going to experience with your children. Children are programmed by nature to instinctively resist having things placed in their mouth, and a long vibrantly colored toothbrush with spiky things at the end of it is certainly enough to send a child into red flag mode. Regardless, as parents we need to get past this trigger, and thankfully hoards of parents before us have produced a few ideas that seem to work pretty well. Here are a few tips that are known to get even the most reticent child to enjoy brushing: Mirror Mom and Dad: Here is another situation where human progr

Toddler Thumbsucking: A Few Things to Know

Toddler Thumbsucking: A Few Things to Know Stress. Have you ever imagined a world where instead of snacking on candy, or grabbing a drink after work, everyone would just suck their thumbs to alleviate stress? Imagine it for a second: you're sitting on the train headed home from work, and instead of reaching for your phone to serve as a distraction, you plop your thumb in your mouth - and so does the person next to you, and the person next to them. Crazy! Well, this is what life is like when you're a toddler … the thumbsuckers are everywhere! If you're now able to imagine your child as a participant in the above scenario because you think they've been at it for too many years already, have n

Getting Your Mouth Ready for a Summer Vacation

Getting Your Mouth Ready for a Summer Vacation Summer is about to burst onto the scene. And with it, your "free time" will turn to "busy time" as you plan, plan, plan for your relaxing summer vacation. So while you're thinking about where you’ll go, where you'll eat, and what you'll see along the way, don't forget to plan a visit to your dentist as well. Doing so can save you from the misery of a dental emergency that will surely spoil even the best planned getaway. The Best Plan of Action Now, we're pretty sure, visiting the dentist is the last thing you want to do before a relaxing vacation. Yet we're also fairly certain that discovering a painful cavity mid-trip isn't on the agenda either

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