Get That Kid an Apron, and Get Some Help in the Kitchen!

Get That Kid an Apron, and Get Some Help in the Kitchen! It’s been a long day at work. The kids are hungry. You’re hungry. And, every type of food item you could possibly whip up into a meal needs some prep. No frozen pizza or tacos in a box tonight. It’s already late, and you’re thinking dinner won’t be ready for at least an hour or more. But wait! Perhaps you’re overlooking something, SuperMom (or SuperDad): what about those lovely children of yours? If they’re old enough to eat on their own, and old enough to complain about being hungry, they’re sure old enough to enter the ranks of your neighborhood’s master sous chefs. So work with them to get dinner done in record time AND teach them v

Teaching Young Children Healthy Spending Habits

Teaching Young Children Healthy Spending Habits When’s the last time you had a serious conversation with your child about money? For most of us, such conversations take the form of “no, we can’t afford to be buying all these things,” which is usually a pretty easy conversation to have. But what happens when your child actually comes into some money of their own – whether it’s from a birthday, holiday, allowance, or part time work? Can they count on you to help them make sense of spending it wisely and productively? Instilling good spending habits early on can really pay off – so here’s some advice from the professionals on how to get that done. Give an allowance: Author and parent educator,

Want Your Kids to Have Their Best Year Ever? Have Them Get Some Sleep.

For our kids, the holiday season is both a blessing and a curse. A week or so off from school means staying up late and sleeping in (not my son!) the next day – two things every teen loves to do, until it’s time to get back to the grind, and the sleep monster rears its ugly head. So, as your kids get back into the rhythm of school, here are a few things you can try that’ll keep them healthy, well-rested and performing at the top of their game in school and in life, all year-round. It all starts with sleep! Here’s how to get it done: 1. Keep their schedule consistent: Here’s a page you can steal from the shift-worker playbook. In order for shift workers to stay healthy and free from exha

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