Oh, No! A Dental Emergency While Away from Home.. Now What?

There are a many things that can go wrong when your family is on vacation. You can have a hungry bear rummage through your campsite at night, or, a thief could steal your purse as they zoom by on a Vespa. Or, you could have a dental emergency, which for some, could make the bear and the thief scenarios seem like child's play. If your child were to lose a tooth, develop an abscess, or pop a wire in their orthodontics while on vacation, what would you do? The Scouts Have It Right The best advice here is, of course, prevention. So, about a month prior to departure - or at least two weeks before you go - schedule a visit to your dentist. There is a lot going on in your child's mouth that can be

How to Plan for the Removal of Your Teen's Wisdom Teeth

Chipmunk-city. Remember what it was like to have your wisdom teeth pulled? If the swollen mouth, teasing siblings, and new-found appreciation of what it's like to have a tooth knocked out aren’t enough… there is the blood. Ah, yes, the blood. You wish you could stop reading now, right? It's really not that bad. Gross, maybe, but it becomes a passing memory fast. If your dentist has suggested your teenager have their wisdom teeth extracted, here's what you can expect as you prepare for the day of surgery and immediately thereafter. Oh, and before we get started, it might be fun to bring along your video camera, or camera phone. For some, exposure to the anesthesia used during surgery

Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day. So is February 28th! Apparently the tooth fairy is so honorable, she’s celebrated twice each year. Is it because sometimes the tooth fairy is mommy, and other times, “she” is daddy? Hmm … What we do know is that despite all that recognition, the tooth fairy is not at all immune to the slings and arrows of inflation. It seems kids across the land are expecting a higher bounty under their pillows these days, and you won’t believe the going rate. So, what’s the going rate? Statistically speaking, about $3.70 a tooth. But that number is going up, and some tooth fairies are actually being worked over for $50 a tooth according to a recent survey released

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