Why Are Primary Teeth So Important (Won't They Fall Out Anyway?)

There's hardly anything better than a smile from a child. Even the gummy toothless smile of a toddler brings a certain joy to one's heart! What you might not know about the teeth hiding below that toothless smile, though, is that they play a far greater role in the health and development of your child than you'd possibly imagine. After all, those little baby teeth, which begin forming in the womb, do much more than just help your child eat. They also aid in the development of your child's facial features, and even play a role in the character of their voice. Baby teeth are special - and that's why we need to take care of them. Maybe that's why baby teeth have acquired so many different nam

Is Pool Water Harming Your Child’s Teeth?

Now here’s a question you’ve perhaps never asked yourself before. Can swimming regularly in a chlorinated pool damage your teeth? Surprisingly, it can. The trick is understanding how and why it can happen, and what you can do to minimize or eliminate the damage. And, that’s where we come in! Let’s learn how this healthy form of exercise can contribute to staining, and even eroding, your tooth enamel – yikes! What’s in the water that’s bad for teeth? Well, there are two concerns, actually. No one wants to be swimming in algae and bacteria, so chlorine is added to the pool to manage that situation. This is a good thing. But in order to keep things in check pH has to be monitored. We’ve writt

How to Prevent and Treat Weak Tooth Enamel in Children

At its thickest, the average person’s tooth enamel is a mere half-millimeter wider than a Susan B. Anthony dollar. Yet, despite its thinness, its dense mineral composition makes it the hardest surface in the human body. And, your teeth need that sort of protection given the abuse they take throughout a lifetime. Sometimes, though, this incredible protective barrier doesn’t develop fully in some children, leading to enamel vulnerable to decay and stress fractures from chewing. We want to help you understand what causes weak enamel, and how to treat it. Here are a few questions you may have about this condition, formally known as hypoplasia, or hypo-mineralization. What Is the Purpose of En

The Perfect Road Map For Your Child’s Oral Health

On July 3rd, 1806, two years into their journey to chart the unchartered west of America, pioneer explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark reached a challenge of epic proportion – the Rocky Mountains. What next, they wondered? Without a map, they were forced to do what explorers do – explore, and hope for the best. So, that got us thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy map you could use to chart your own dental health? With that in mind, and in honor of our “Dog Days of Summer” explorers, here are a few mile markers you can use to stay on top of your child’s health today, next year, and for years to come! 6 to 24 months When you’re a new parent, life is a whirlwind, and the dental

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